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Unlike photography, writing is not purely an outlet for the hobbyist in me. From blogs to emails to social media, my early professional career has allowed me to explore numerous mediums of copywriting. 


Look behind the scenes—beyond the world of keywords, campaign taglines, and deadlines—and you will find me writing still yet. 


Ten of my most memorable contributions to
Typing on a Laptop

Kiva aims to be a thought leader for the communities and causes it serves—women, farmers, refugees, and eco-friendly initiatives, to name a few. This meant my colleagues and I had the unique opportunity to dive into various critical socioeconomic topics most businesses shy away from. Check out the stories and write-ups I consider the most memorable.


Crossing Borders to co-author for Latam List
Meeting Room Business

Latam List is the leading source for Latin America's startup, venture capital, and tech news reported in the English language. 

Crossing Borders, hosted by Nathan Lustig, Managing Partner at Magma, is a podcast dedicated to interviewing the very investors and entrepreneurs with a hand in the innovation and growth highlighted on Latam List. 

I wrote copy for both of these Magma-run news outlets while interning for the Chilean VC fund. I wrote episode summaries and descriptive text for Crossing Borders, and I contributed over 40 publications on Latam List.


"A College Senior's View of COVID-19" for Team USA News
Open Magazine

"The anticipation I had for the eight weeks that live wedged between spring break and being able to walk across the graduation stage is a feeling I predicted long ago would be nearly indescribable. I did not, however, predict that I would never get the chance to try."


Short stories, thought pieces, and op-ed(ish) commentary
Between Walls_edited.jpg

I recently joined Medium and am excited to see how having a page on the platform contributes to my writing. What started as a pile of notebooks turned into Word documents, then a Drive folder (plus the ever-trustworthy Notes app), and now, Medium.


"What I Learned from the Crossing Borders Podcast" (Blog)
Laptop and Heaphones

"Nathan Lustig’s Crossing Borders podcast was the perfect tool to teach me about the startup industry in Latin America. I listened to the thirty most recent episodes and looked for overarching themes that stuck out to me."

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